What Is The Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic? 5 Outfits You Need To Try (2024)

What Is The Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic? 5 Outfits You Need To Try (1)

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With every season that comes along, there’s a new fashion trend and aesthetic on TikTok that blows up and has everyone in a chokehold. From Mermaidcore, the Y2K aesthetic, Clean Girl looks, Barbiecore and more, fashion trends come and go quickly on TikTok. And there’s no doubt that a bunch of people on TikTok are easily convinced when it comes to giving into trends, myself included. My wallet hurts just thinking about it.

For this summer, people are dusting off their cowboy boots and gathering their beach wear for the new coastal cowgirl trend. What is it? Think of it as the love child between Western wear and beachy styles. Essentially, the trend combines key components of Western fashion, like cowboy boots, cowboy hats and belts with more coastal, beachy kind of clothing, so think flowy dresses, loose shirts, knitwear, that kind of thing. If you’re liking what you’re hearing, the coastal cowgirl aesthetic might become your summer staple this year. Here are five outfit ideas to nail the coastal cowgirl trend.

Knit Tops

Knitwear is great for those breezy, warm summer days, and works perfectly for the coastal cowgirl trend because of how versatile it is. It’s soft enough to fall into the coastal, beachy category but also channels Western vibes. This knitted vest is an amazing option. It’s affordable, looks cute and is super on trend right now. Or, if you’re feeling edgier, this loose-knit top is so unique and stylish. To get the desired aesthetic, throw on the knit top, denim shorts and obviously some brown cowboy boots. Consider adding this vintage-looking belt to complete the aesthetic. This look is so simple yet effective. It’s undeniably stylish while giving that casual, just-threw-this-on kind of vibe. It’s everything the coastal cowgirl aesthetic is, and we love it!

Flowy Dresses

Is there anything more beachy than dresses that flow like the wind? Amazon has a bunch of flowy dresses that are perfect for the summer and for this trend. Nothing says coastal quite like floral prints, so this ruffle dress is everything. And the little keyhole moment in the back? Come on! If you want a simple look that’ll match anything, try this square-neck dress that comes in so many colors to choose from. We know these dresses would look fabulous with a pair of white cowboy boots and are giving major coastal cowgirl vibes.

Linen Shirts

Loose, comfortable and soft linen shirts are a fashion staple that I keep seeing all over my social media feeds. What’s not to love? They’re perfect for summer because they’re super breathable and look great with just about anything. A great option is to pair your favorite linen button-up, like this white one, with your favorite shorts and cowboy boots. And of course, don’t forget to top it off with a cowboy hat! Another option is to consider two-piece linen sets. These are so big right now! This matching blue set is insanely affordable and is perfect for the summer. Linen sets are amazing to wear to the beach or lounging around in the summer heat. In other words, it’s giving coastal! To make it coastal cowgirl, a pair of casual cowboy boots will do the trick.


Denim everywhere, all the time. We can’t get away with writing a what-to-wear article without including denim in some way, and it’s no surprise that it fits the coastal cowgirl aesthetic perfectly! Have you tried wearing a denim vest before? This top is super casual and would look great draped over a loose, basic white tee. Wearing both of these oversized would look great for this trend. There’s no such thing as too much denim, so throw on your favorite pair of matching denim shorts or jeans. Some dark cowboy boots would look great with this. Denim is edgier and has a Western flair, and when paired with a softer, beachy white t-shirt, it makes for a perfect coastal cowgirl look.

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are so in for this summer and we love them for the coastal cowgirl look. They’re perfect for trips down to the beach, weddings and vacations abroad. Try this floral one for a fun pop of color or this staple white one which would look great with your favorite pair of cowboy boots poking through underneath. Maxi dresses have something so uniquely coastal about them. They’re so effortless since you can just throw them on and be ready within a few minutes. When wearing a maxi and going for a coastal cowgirl look, an option is to add this cute belt in either black or brown which will cinch your waist and tap into that Western style.

Did you like this article on coastal cowgirl aesthetic? Will you be trying these looks this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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What Is The Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic? 5 Outfits You Need To Try (2024)


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