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About Vetta Capsule

It can be super frustrating to stand in front of your closet and feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear. Well, stress no more because companies like Vetta Capsule are bringing together complementary pieces to create a capsule wardrobe you can use for as long as you’d like.

Five pieces translating to 30 outfits? It’s no joke. It’s no wonder capsule wardrobes are becoming more popular, with the brand being featured in Vogue, Business Insider, Glamour, and BuzzFeed, and having 78K followers on Instagram.

We’re sure you’re super curious as to how five pieces from this company can create 30 outfits in no time flat. Well, in this Vetta Capsule review we are going to open up about the brand’s wardrobe, including its policies and customer ratings, plus any important FAQs that’ll help you decide if the company is the right fit for you.

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Overview of Vetta Capsue

Founded in 2016 by co-founders Cara Bartlett and Vanessa van Zyl, the women created a crowdfunded wardrobe that raised $30,000 within five days. In moments, they were able to get people excited about getting dressed in the mornings, with outfits from companies who use ethical fabrics.

Between their environmentally friendly practices and their sustainable footprint, this company isn’t just bit into fashion — they’re big into the future. They’re collaborators of beautiful designs, and encourage playfulness, inventiveness, plus overall fun with clothing.

Hopefully those quick and awesome facts are enough to get you interested because we’re going to reveal some of the company’s highlights in this Vetta Capsule review:


  • Great variety of items in capsules
  • Afterpay is available
  • 10% off for becoming an insider
  • Free shipping (US only)
  • Free exchanges & returns
  • Offers major discounts

If you’ve ever felt like you spend way too much time in front of your closet wondering what to wear, you’ll want to tune into the rest of this Vetta Capsule review. When you pare down your pieces, you can get super creative with your outfits. Ready to see all the possibilities?

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Vetta Capsule Review

For this Vetta Capsule review, we’ve decided to showcase the company’s best sellers, so you can see what customers love about their products and their service.

All capsules come with 5 pieces that can be paired with each other or with anything in your closet. Talk about saving time and money!

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Vetta The Everyday Capsule Review

The Vetta The Everyday Capsule has been designed to accommodate a look that suits anytime, anywhere. With a selection of five core outfit elements, this capsule can be worn as an entire outfit or to complement other everyday aspects of your wardrobe.

The set includes corduroy pants, an oversized sweater, a V-neck T-shirt, utility jacket, and a cape scarf.

With different colors and sizes to choose from, you can personalize your capsule to suit your personality and style. The Everyday Capsule retails for $498.

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Vetta The Glam Capsule Capsule Review

The Vetta The Glam Capsule is your go-to style closet for the minimalist fashionistas. With this stylish and formal capsule, you’ll have entire outfits or individual statement pieces to pair with items already in your current wardrobe.

This collection includes reversible items, including wide leg pants, cropped tank, polka dot dress, full-length skirt, and a V-neck sweater.

You can choose from different colors to create the look you desire. The individual prices of these items are affordable, but as a set, this capsule is a serious bargain, retailing for $548.

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Vetta The Casual Capsule Review

The Vetta The Casual Capsule is your perfect closet addition for enhancing any outfit. This set adds items to your wardrobe that can be dressed up or down, worn in multiple combinations, or sported individually for select attention. Each piece is gorgeous, and includes a boyfriend shirt, tapered pants, cropped T-shirt, jumpsuit, and a mock neck sweater.

With the option of sizes and various colors, this capsule contributes to an all-around perfect clothes companion, and currently retails for $468.

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Who Is Vetta Capsule For?

Vetta Capsule is for fashionistas who love the concept of a brand curating entire collections of items from their overall selection. If you love the idea of a company selecting items that are best suited for each other while offering them at a discounted rate, then Vetta Capsule is for you.

This brand is also for anyone who is eco-conscious because you’ll love how this brand only works with clothing companies that use sustainable fabrics!

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How Much Does It Cost to Build A Vetta Capsule Wardrobe?

Building a wardrobe with Vetta Capsule simply depends on the collection you’ve chosen. Individual items on the company’s website are fairly affordable, but their capsule collections are where the real discounts are.

For example, the Glam Capsule is one of their higher priced collections, running about $50 more than their Casual Capsule. However, you’re still saving over a hundred dollars by buying a capsule, rather than the individual items.

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Vetta Capsule Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

For the purpose of this Vetta Capsule review, we can talk about the brand all day long, but we’re sure you want to know what their customers really think. It’s great for them to offer up a great selection of items, but does the wearability stand up to their carefully curated efforts?

We scoured opinions, looking high and low to get the best understanding possible of what this brand’s results are, and this is what we found.

A personal opinion from a fashionista blog called EMMA gave us hope that Vetta Capsule is everything it’s cracked up to be, with this top notch feedback:

“I really love the brand, what they stand for, and who they work with. I absolutely will not rule them out and am very interested in some of their other capsules.This is all part of finding what your style is, not everything will work for you, it takes editing, trial and error.”

Then, we went over to the Since Wen platform to get an alternative Vetta Capsule review, yet it had the same tone of excitement for the brand’s clothing:

“Overall, I was pretty impressed with all of these pieces. Ultimately, I decided to keep the leatherette skirt, since it added some variety to my wardrobe. The blazer dress & midi skirt were close contenders, but I’m holding out for that convertible trench!”

Saving the best for last, fashion specialist Jessica Harumi gave an in-depth review for Vetta Capsule, making sure to cover all the bases, and let us know what she really thinks:

“After trying out these pieces and figuring out just how the capsule collections at VETTA work together, I’ve quickly become a fan of this brand. Seeing all the different outfit combinations for each capsule has even given me some styling inspiration to recreate using other pieces in my closet.”

She continues: “The material and construction quality along with the uniqueness of the designs makes this brand well worth the investment in my opinion and this is a brand I plan to continue to support in the future.”

In the end, it seems like all those fashion-forward thinkers are giving out great Vetta Capsule reviews. The idea of purchasing 5 items at once can be risky — you never know how things will fit or go together. But this brand appears to have done its homework, making flexible styles to suit lots of body types and complement plenty of wardrobes.

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Is Vetta Capsule Worth It?

This company is getting great Vetta Capsule reviews on the quality of the clothing, style, and flexible nature of their designs. Sure, their prices per item are mid-range (not too high, not too low), but that’s because they put time and effort into curating designs and outfits for their clients.

When it comes to the capsules in particular, their individual items end up grouped together to offer an unbelievable discount when purchased as a 5-piece set. If their prices were already fair before the discount, then it’s safe to say the capsules are worth it!

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Vetta Capsule Promotions & Discounts

While writing this Vetta Capsule review, we did some digging to find out what kind of promotions they’re offering, and we hit the jackpot. To get the reduced price of select collections, a Vetta Capsule discount code is made available and the savings are off the charts.

Also, there’s the opportunity to sign up for the Vetta newsletter. In doing so, you’ll receive 10% off, and become an insider.

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Where to Buy Vetta Capsule

Since the Vetta Capsule is a carefully curated selection of clothing by the brand and thoughtfully combined into one package deal, this product is only available from the company’s website.

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Who owns Vetta Capsule?

Cara Bartlett is one of the founders, and the current CEO and owner of Vetta Capsule.

Does Vetta Capsule ship internationally?

While doing our research for this Vetta Capsule review, we discovered the brand has recently opened up to international shipping to select countries. To see the full list, check out the brand’s website.

What is Vetta Capsule’s Shipping Policy?

Vetta Capsule offers free shipping across the states, and your capsule collection should arrive within 2-5 business days (continental US), and up to 10 business days (the rest of the US). As for international shipping, the price is not specified, and will be calculated at checkout, along with duties and taxes.

What is Vetta Capsule’s Return Policy?

You have 30 days after delivery to initiate a refund or exchange with Vetta Capsule, as long as it’s unwashed and unworn and all parts of the outfits are returned (i.e. belts). There are certain costs with their returns, as listed below:

  1. If you’re looking for a refund, a return shipping label will be provided but $8 will be taken out.
  2. For store credit, a return shipping label is provided for free.
  3. For exchanges, a return shipping label is provided for free.

International returns will have to cover their own shipping costs.

To start a return, head to their Returns portal.

How to Contact Vetta Capsule

Still looking for an answer this Vetta Capsule review didn’t answer? You can reach out to the brand through their contact form.

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Vetta Capsule Review - Must Read This Before Buying (2024)


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