Georgia 33-18 Alabama: College Football Playoff national championship – as it happened (2024)

Key events

  • 11 Jan 2022Georgia 33-18 Alabama, FINAL
  • 11 Jan 2022Pick-six! (Georgia)
  • 11 Jan 2022Touchdown (Georgia)
  • 11 Jan 2022Touchdown (Georgia)
  • 11 Jan 2022Touchdown! (Alabama)
  • 11 Jan 2022Touchdown! (Georgia)
  • 11 Jan 2022Blocked field goal!
  • 11 Jan 2022Start of the second half
  • 11 Jan 2022Field goal! (Alabama)
  • 11 Jan 2022Field goal (Alabama)
  • 11 Jan 2022Opening kickoff

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11 Jan 202221.07EST

Georgia 3-3 Alabama, 12:35, 2nd quarter

On 1st and goal, Cook gets pushed back a yard. On 2nd & goal, Bennett throws incomplete. 3rd & goal, Bennett runs for himself… and only picks up four yards. Nope, we will not be getting a touchdown here.

Jack Podlesny’s 24-yard field goal is good and we’re tied at 3-3. Just like we all imagined we would be at this point in the game.

11 Jan 202221.04EST

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, 14:14, 2nd quarter

On 2nd & 14, Bennett finds Bowers for an additional five yards. Huge 3rd & 9 situation here for both teams. Bennett finds Jermaine Burton for eight yards and we’re in a first-and-goal situation. May we actually have a touchdown in the first half here?

11 Jan 202221.00EST

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, end of the first quarter

Well, that’s not super-great. Georgia gets a false start penalty to push them back to the 24-yard line. For the last play of the first quarter, White picks up a single yard. One quarter down, Alabama has a slim lead but the Bulldogs are seriously threatening.

11 Jan 202220.59EST

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, 1:06, 1st quarter

FINALLY a big play. Bennett goes way downfield to find George Pickens all the way at the Alabama 29. That’s a 59-yard play. Bennett might be feeling it now, as he sees Brock Bowers for a third straight first down, a ten-yard completion that takes them to the Alabama 19.

11 Jan 202220.57EST

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, 2:29, 1st quarter

Burnip’s punt is rather effective, pinning Georgia to its own eight-yard line. Zamir White gets four yards. That’s good. And then Georgia gets penalized for a facemask that pushes them back to their own four.

On 1st & 14, White runs for six yards. 2nd & 8, Bennett finds Darnell Washington for nine yards, and hey that’s good for Georgia’s first down of the entire game.

11 Jan 202220.54EST

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, 3:33, 1st quarter

Trey Sanders runs for four yards. So we have another 3rd down situation and… Young throws another one incomplete, meant for Jahleel Billingsley. I can’t believe we’re seeing the punt team yet again.

11 Jan 202220.49EST

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, 4:18, 1st quarter

Bennett hands it off on first down. James Cook gets a single yard. 2nd & 9. Kenny McIntosh gets the ball next and he almost immediately gets tackled. 3rd & 9. Georgia doesn’t want another three-and-out here, but that’s what they get here. Bennett runs for a bit, throws under duress and watches as the ball hits the ground. We’re getting yet another punt here.

And there’s a flag on the punt… fair catch interference on Georgia that gives Alabama an additional 15 yards.

Georgia 33-18 Alabama: College Football Playoff national championship – as it happened (1)

11 Jan 202220.44EST

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, 5:46, 1st quarter

Kearis Jackson makes a fair catch of James Burnip’s punt and Georgia’s second chance will start at their own 25 on the other side of another slate of commercials.

11 Jan 202220.42EST

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, 6:28, 1st quarter

Young finds Bolden on second down for a six-yard gain but on 3rd & 3, Bolden gets tackled for a loss and there’s a three-and-out for Alabama. Here comes the punting team.

11 Jan 202220.41EST

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, 7:49, 1st quarter

Young finds Williamson but for nada. On 2nd & 10, however, Williams gets himself open for a 14-yard catch and a first down.

11 Jan 202220.37EST

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, 8:19, 1st quarter

Bennett runs on the next play and just flat out drops the ball. Somehow nobody on Alabama’s defense manages to pick it up. There’s another delay of game penalty, this is on Georgia. Bennett’s next pass is incomplete and that will do it for Georgia’s first possession of the game. Jake Camarda comes in to punt, which is caught by Bolden at the Alabama 20.

11 Jan 202220.34EST

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, 9:09, 1st quarter

Reichard’s kickoff hits the end zone for a touchback. Georgia start at their own 25 and… Alabama’s Christian Harris immediately sacks Georgia’s Stetson Bennett for a huge 14-yard loss. However, a delay-of-game penalty on the defense gives them an additional five yards.

Still second down, however.

11 Jan 202220.32EST

Frank A. James offers some much-appreciated encouragement via email here:

Play almost by play is good. Thank you. UGA ‘61

So far, an “almost play” was the most exciting one.

11 Jan 202220.30EST

Field goal (Alabama)

Georgia 0-3 Alabama, 9:55, 1st quarter

On 1st & 10, Young’s throw is incomplete. Odd not to go to a running back there. Young throws again here, to Ja’Corey Brooks, which is good for five yards. However, the Alabama drive ends there at the Georgia 19 yard line. Decent job to hold Alabama to a field goal. Will Reichard’s 37-yard attempt is good and, hey, being up three is better than being down by at least six so that counts as a successful opening drive for them all things considered.

11 Jan 202220.27EST

Georgia 0-0 Alabama, 11:06, 1st quarter

Young finds Bolden for another big gain, this one’s almost good for yet another first down. Trey Sanders runs to just pick it up.

11 Jan 202220.25EST

Georgia 0-0 Alabama, 11:37, 1st quarter

Young throws incomplete to Cameron Latu on first down and targets him again in second down, a completion good for nine yards. They just need a single yard so Young hands it to Robinson Jr who gets two. Alabama’s at the Georgia 25.

11 Jan 202220.23EST

Georgia 0-0 Alabama, 13:18, 1st quarter

Big break for Alabama. On 2nd & 10, Young hands it off to Jameson Williams for 11 more yards and a first down.

11 Jan 202220.22EST

Georgia 0-0 Alabama, 13:23, 1st quarter

Alabama QB Bryce Young connects with Slade Bolden for a 11 yard gain and a first down. On the next play, Young gets taken to the ground and it looks like Georgia recovers and takes it for a touchdown but the officials are going to double-check whether it was an incomplete pass or not.

They rule... and it’s just an incomplete pass so there’s no touchdown and it’s just second down.

11 Jan 202220.19EST

Opening kickoff

Georgia 0-0 Alabama, 14:34, 1st quarter

Alabama starts at their own 25 after the opening kick. Brian Robinson Jr. gets the ball for the first two carries which takes them to their 33.

11 Jan 202220.15EST

Coin toss

Georgia calls tails. It’s tails. Georgia gets to decide, they decide to defer and get the ball to start the second half.

As a Patriots fan, I must say that this is the right choice.

11 Jan 202220.10EST

National anthem

Gospel singer Natalie Grant gives a country-tinged version of the Star-Spangled Banner that is way, way, way too showboat-y for my personal tastes. 4/10.

Georgia 33-18 Alabama: College Football Playoff national championship – as it happened (2)

11 Jan 202220.08EST

Space Force flag sighting at the presentation of the flags!

11 Jan 202219.59EST

OK, we’re getting close to when opening kick is scheduled (the game is being broadcast on ESPN, for those wondering). In fact, we’re at the opening montage time here. We get a... marching band version of Men Without Hats’ “Safety Dance” here from what I can tell.

That song does *not* mention the Crimson Tide to my knowledge.

Georgia 33-18 Alabama: College Football Playoff national championship – as it happened (3)

11 Jan 202219.53EST

When we mention the changed playoff system, the NCAA adopted the four-game system just back in 2014. Already, however, there’s some talk about expanding the field to include 12 teams, but the sides are far apart in coming to an agreement. Given the way of all sports, it’s probably all but inevitable.

11 Jan 202219.48EST


Okay, the preamble probably tipped my hand just a tad bit. I believe that Alabama win this one but (because we have to make this interesting) Georgia will manage to at least temporarily take a lead relatively late in the game. My random stab at a final score: Alabama 30-27 Georgia.

That’s just this take from someone who has admittingly been paying far more attention to the NFL than the college game over the last few months. I more than welcome your predictions, which you can email to or tweet to @HunterFelt.

11 Jan 202219.43EST

If you are a fan of an SEC school not named Georgia or Alabama and you are choosing a rooting interest other than a flaming meteor tonight, you are doing it wrong.

— Bunkie Perkins (@BunkiePerkins) January 10, 2022

These two teams are, um, not exactly fan favorites but then again, the schools that tend to make it to the championship game rarely are.

11 Jan 202219.38EST

The inevitable Steely Dan connection

Have you ever wondered how exactly Steely Dan’s “Deacon Blues” came to mention the Alabama football team? Well, Mel Magazine’s Tim Grierson is here to tell you exactly how Donald fa*gen and Walter Becker snuck in the “they call Alabama the Crimson Tide” line in one of their more despairing songs and how it then became an unlikely marching band staple in Alabama.

11 Jan 202219.29EST


Hello, welcome to the 2022 College Football Playoff national championship game between third-ranked Georgia and top-ranked Alabama. Longtime NCAA football fans will not be surprised that these are the final two teams standing. The two teams have a long-standing rivalry, although a mostly one-sided one. The last time Georgia beat Alabama was back in 2007 which was much longer ago than your brain probably thinks it was.

So, Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide should be considered favorites here. Heck, as The Ringer’s Rodger Sherman points out, the Bulldogs’ Alabama envy even caused them to go out of their way to pluck from the Saban coaching tree, with Georgia head coach Kirby Smart being Saban’s former defensive coordinator. It’s tricky to shake the feeling that Georgia is stuck perennially playing catchup to modern college football’s juggernaut.

Alabama already beat Georgia in the SEC championship game, a 41-24 shellacking of the highest order. The naysayers can point this out as a point towards Alabama, but the Bulldogs rallied back from that with a 34-11 win in the Orange Bowl and should be extra motivated. Meanwhile, the Crimson Tide indeed did roll over Cincinnati, 27-6.

Georgia isn’t just playing for its first championship in over 40 years, they last won it all back in 1980, they are playing to get an extremely massive monkey off its back. Alabama, meanwhile, is here to prove that they’re still the most dominant team in the nation and win the first back-to-back championships in the current playoff era.

If you’d like to participate in this live blog, feel free to send us your commentary. You can do so either via email (to or on Twitter (to @HunterFelt). Our game is scheduled to start at 8:00 pm EST, but we’ll be back with additional commentary before then heading up to opening kickoff. It’s the 2022 College Football Championship between Georgia and Alabama at Lucas Oil Stadium!

11 Jan 202219.00EST

Hunter will be here shortly. Here’s a look back at how Georgia and Alabama made it through to tonight’s championship game.

Familiar foes Alabama and Georgia roar into College Football Playoff title gameRead more
Georgia 33-18 Alabama: College Football Playoff national championship – as it happened (2024)


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