20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (2024)

Once upon a time, a single ear lobe piercing was considered the norm. Over time, one lobe piercing turned to two, and eventually, two turned three, four, five, welcoming helix, conch, tragus, and daith cartilage piercings into the mix. Nowadays, a single-lobe piercing is almost unheard of among adult women. Instead, ear stacks featuring a variety of lobe and cartilage piercings reign supreme.

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“Ear lobe piercings will always be popular,” says expert Ashley Sharp. “The most common and one of the oldest types of body modification, ear lobe piercings can be experimental with the number of piercings and choice of earring.” That said, she points out that helix, daith, tragus, conch, flat, snug, rook, anti-tragus, and industrial piercings are common piercing requests, too.

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Because of these two things—the popularity of various piercings and the mix-n-match approach to accessorizing them—there are virtually endless ear-piercing ideas circulating on social media and IRL. To help you find your perfect stack, find over a dozen ear-piercing ideas.

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Conch Piercing

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According to Harman, conch piercings are particularly popular. Here, you can see a conch piercing on the inner cartilage.

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Rainbow Ear Cuff

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Orbital conch piercings are known to be incredibly painful in comparison to basic lobe piercings. If you're not onboard with undergoing discomfort for your ear stack, don't fret! With an ear cuff, you can mimic the look without actually getting a piercing. Here, the model is wearing two of The Last Line Rainbow Perfect Ear Cuffs ($275 each).

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Sparkly Helix Ear Piercing

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We love all the sparkle of this earring stack. One key piercing to call out in this mix is the flat helix (the leaf-like gem piercing on the flat surface of the upper ear).

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Sterling Rook

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (4)

Here, you can see how a smattering of silver earrings can make for one seriously edgy-chic ear stack. In addition to love and classic cartilage piercings, here, you can see the appeal of rook and inner conch piercings (they're situated in the interior ear, one right above the other).

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Stud Stack

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (5)

While many people love the look of incorporating hoops and dangly earrings into their stacks, here's proof that sticking to studs can still turn heads. In fact, according to Harman, stacked lobes remain a popular piercing trend. To copy this exact stack, you'll need the Alison Lou Sunflower Stud ($480), Dragonfly Stud ($295), Mama Stud ($330), and Infinity Stud ($685).

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Triple Lobe Stack

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Cartilage piercings are known to be more painful than lobe piercings. They're also said to take longer to heal. That said if you're not patient or don't have a high pain tolerance, sticking to lobe piercings may be best. Here, you can see how a triple lobe stack can still make quite an impact. Plus, how fun is that dangly little alien earring? If you want it for yourself, it's The Last Line Enamel Charm Huggie ($285).

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Rhinestone Daith

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (7)

Daith piercings are another type of cartilage accessory. Here, you can see the piercing on the interior of the ear, where the rhinestone hoop sits. Some piercing studios don't mess with the interior ear; however, at Banter by Piercing Pagoda, you can add a daith to your ear stack any day.

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Croissant Hoops

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Croissant hoop earrings and rings were hugely popular in 2019 and 2020 and remain a statement. Here, you can see how croissant earrings mix well with diamond and shiny gold hoops of varying sizes. Studs Medium French Twist Hoop ($34), Medium Oval Crescent Hoop ($34), Medium Pave Oval Hoop ($28), Baguette Huggie ($26) and Chunky French Twist Huggie ($26) are at play.

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Triple Gem Tragus

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (9)

We love the look of this dainty triple tragus piercing. While it's only one piercing, the triple gem earrings give it a unique look. The exact earring in question is the Banter by Piercing Pagoda 018 Gauge Bezel-Set Cubic Zirconia Three Stone Cartilage Barbell in 14K Gold ($80).

Helix Chain Piercing

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One way to spruce up your more simple ear stack is by opting for earrings connected by dainty chains. Here, you can see how a flat helix looks when connected to a classic helix cartilage piercing.

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Lemon Drop Stack

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (11)

This is the type of bold, beautiful earring stack that will literally stop people on the street and make them stare. The lavish layering features The Last Line Hand Carved Fruit Hoop ($325) sandwiched between the brand's iconic Safety Pin Earring ($175) and Connected Stud and Cuff Tennish Chain Earring ($1,865).

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Cutesy Carbs

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (12)

Love a kitschy take on jewelry? You'll drool over this adorable carb-inspired ear stack by Alison Lou. The exact earrings used are the Alison Lou Pretzel Stud ($295), Shell Stud ($200), Bowtie Stud ($190,) and Baguette Stud ($190).

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Simple Stack

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (13)

Remember: A Simple lobe stack doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. Here, you can see how hoops, classic studs, and rhinestone studs pair for one cohesive look. The butterfly earring here is part of a pair: the Banter by Piercing Pagoda 1/20 CT. T.W. Diamond Butterfly Stud Earrings in 10K Gold ($110).

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Bold Gold Stack

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (14)

Gold hoops will never go out of style. When shopping for hoops, few places are as high quality and relatively affordable as Mejuri. To copy this exact stack, you'll need the Mejuri Oversized Thin Hoops ($395), Dôme Hoops ($78), Pavé Diamond Pearl Huggies ($428), and Duet Ear Cuff ($48).

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Charm Core

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (15)

How fun is this dangly hoop earring stack? The best part about it is how versatile it is. The jewelry here is actually a series of Mejuri hoop earrings outfitted with the brand's beloved Hoop Charms. These charms can transform a classic, office-ready ear look into a party-ready ensemble.

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Gold Chain Club

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (16)

According to Sharp, the helix is one of the most popular locations for earring layering. “The helix is the upper cartilage part of the ear,” she explains. “This area can showcase multiple piercings, such as a double or triple helix piercing. You can also get the forward helix pierced.” It’s because of their versatility that helix piercings prove to not be going anywhere, she says. “Helix piercings allow for customization of placement and earring styles, and because of the higher placement on the ear, helix piercings are a great solution for people who want to draw attention to their eyes,” she adds.

All in all, Sharp says that ear stacks are a great way to show off your personal style while also enhancing your favorite facial features.

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Floral Details

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (17)

Even if you get a forward helix, rook, or conch piercing, your overall ear look can still take on a minimalist appeal based on the earrings you fill them with. Case in point: this 5-piercing stack. Where the flower statement earring stands out (it's The Last Line Teddy Flower Earring, $1,985, btw), the other four add dainty additions without looking bold in their own right.

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Mixed Jewels

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (18)

Pearls, diamonds, and gold come together to create this fun layered ear look. Notice that side-by-side piercing? That the Studs Signature Snake Bite Piercing. It features two earrings stacked closely together.

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Diamond Drip

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (19)

This diamond-drip hoop stack looks downright dreamy. To recreate the earscape, you'll need to stock up on The Last Line Bezel Triple Drop Seamless Hoop ($285).

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Hoops Galore

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (20)

Last but not least, we have an array of four-lobe piercings paired with a dainty hoop helix. What really makes this stack stand out is the mix-n-match approach to the hoops themselves. To wear it for yourself, buy the Hey Harper Bella Earrings ($71), Kondi Huggies ($72), and Huggies Set ($81).

20 Ear Piercing Ideas to Suit Your Style (2024)


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